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Вдруг из маминой из

Вдруг из маминой из спальни
Кривоногий и хромой
Выбегает вдруг … АоСий
И качает зигмарином

Нескладно, зато про АоС. Сегодня у нас здоровенный фекшн фокус про эльфов и их подфракции (кроме новых).
Первая часть, поехали:

1) Darkling Covens. Бывшая основа армии Дарк Эльфов. Каждый ковен находится под предводительством колдуньи. У колдуний будет способность Кровавого Жертвоприношения и возможность кастовать один из Бесконечных спеллов – Близнецы Ул-Гиша.
2) Wanderers. Бывшие Лесные Эльфы без деревяшек. Их герой Waywathcher под способностями “Берегитесь сэр!” и “Невидимый Охотник” получит -2 на ту хит стрельбой по нему. Заклинатель Spellweawer со способностью Древних Благословений сможет раз за игру авторазвеять любое заклинание с 30 дюймов. Sisters of Thorn с заклинанием Щит Шипов также теперь стали лучше с учётом того, что пайл ин и удары в хтх теперь обязательны.
3) Swifthawk Agents. Эльфы на коляске, запряжённой орлами, плюс диверсанты. Подрабатывают курьерами в мирное время, а в военное – саботажниками. Shadow Warriors получили скидку в птс, у лодок мув 16″. А в целом, они получили “спасибо, что вы с нами”.
4) Order Draconis. Бывшие Каледорцы, на конях и драконах. Предлагают одеть на лорда на драконе Эфирный Амулет, чтобы получить реролльный немодифицируемый 4+ сейв.

“Welcome to the penultimate (and biggest ever) Faction Focus!

Today, were covering aelf-kind in (nearly) all of its glory, with a look at everything from the Eldritch Council to wanderers. One of the coolest things about the new edition is the new toys it provides every army from realm-specific artefacts to endless spells, while the allies system means that even if you dont play one of these armies, many of their units are well worth considering for an Order force.
Were also taking a brief look at the lore for all the aelven races. In the past year, weve been discovering just what Tyrion, Teclis, Malerion and Morathi have been up to with the Daughters of Khaine and Idoneth Deepkin, but what about those aelves from Azyr? In the new edition, these sub-factions have been contextualised within the world of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, with the Core Book taking a closer look at how they fit into the rich life of the free cities on and off the battlefield.
If you do play Idoneth Deepkin, worry not well have a Faction Focus for you tomorrow, while the Daughters of Khaine already have one.

The Darkling Covens are a shadowy and mysterious subculture of aelves, existing in walled and remote districts of the free cities. Each coven is lead by a powerful Sorceress, with countless ranks of foot-soldiers bound to her will, fighting with mechanical discipline to pursue the goals of their shadowy masters. While rumours abound on their true intentions, the Darkling Covens fight alongside Order against Chaos, and thus have escaped censure so far.
Weve seen loads of comments by Darkling Covens players about how their faction will fare in the new edition, and weve got good news not only are you keeping your Generals Handbook allegiance abilities, but youre very well placed to take advantage of the new mechanics with your existing units.
The Sorceress on Black Dragon is a really scary spellcaster after all, having a Wizard is one thing, but mounting them on the back of a Monster is just that much better! With her Blood Sacrifice ability, she can boost her casting ability at the cost of the life of one of her underlings. This is great for pulling off a trickier endless spell like Geminids of Uhl-Gysh.
This two-part spell doesnt just deal mortal wounds, it cripples any unit it hits with a wave of penalties, setting them up perfectly to be dragged down by your own elite units. Executioners or Black Guard are perfect for this, boasting great attacks and a respectable drop in points in the new edition.
A bit of light, a bit of darkness, and a lot of deadly sounds very Darkling Covens to us

A fierce and noble tribe of nomads, the Wanderers are heirs to an ancient shame, having abandoned Ghyran to Nurgle during the Age of Chaos and letting the ley lines that link the sacred places of the Mortal Realms be broken. Now, they fight as scouts and guerilla strike forces for the free cities, attacking with stealth and speed, tearing apart their chosen quarry in disciplined volleys of arrows.
There are a few units that are well worth a second look in the Wanderers list in the new edition, thanks to a sweeping series of points cuts plus some mechanic changes thatll really benefit your army. The Waywatcher is a standout of the list thanks to Look Out, Sir!, combined with his Invisible Hunter ability, enemies trying to shoot at these legendary marksmen will usually be suffering a hefty -2 to hit!
The Spellweaver is another standout choice in the army. With unbinding now possible at 30, her ability to automatically pass an unbind roll once a game is incredible sticking one of these in an Order army is a great way to prevent your enemy getting any key endless spells off.
Sisters of the Thorn are already a great option, and one that youll want to consider putting in any Order army. Their Shield of Thorns spell doesnt just give re-rolls to saves, it also inflicts mortal wounds on your attackers when you roll a 6. With the new rules making piling in and attacking mandatory for all units caught in combat, you could force enemies to deal colossal damage to their own models by getting them into combat with something durable like an allied Treelord
Finally, its worth mentioning that the Wanderers will be keeping their Generals Handbook allegiance abilities. With ranged units now forced to fire at the target theyre locked in combat with, the Melt Away allegiance ability which lets Wanderers retreat and shoot is going to be very useful indeed.

The Swifthawk Agents are vital for the continued survival of Order, acting as couriers and messengers between the free cities and Azyr while coordinating grand assaults that can span across realms. Fast, capable, and independent, they will not hesitate to cut down those who would obstruct their duty. At war, they fill a vital role as saboteurs, shattering enemy lines of communication with rapid strikes from on high with Skycutters or lightning-fast assaults with Reavers and Spireguard.
Swifthawk Agents have received a variety of small, but welcome changes. For one, Shadow Warriors now cost fewer points, making it easier to fill out your Battleline slots. For another, the speed of Skycutters is going to make them a great choice in loads of Order lists for catching and occupying ranged units thanks to Fly, and a 16 move, youll quickly be able to dart behind enemy lines and tie up Handgunners, Grundstok Thunderers or any other unit that would prove a threat to your army.

The Order Draconis are a knightly order of aelves who have formed powerful kinships with the drakes and stallions of Azyr, riding down the foes of Order with bravery, speed, and skill. On the ground, great formations of Dragon Blades shatter enemy formations in devastating combined charges, while in the skies, the Dragonlords themselves incinerate enemies in gouts of dragonfire.
Dragonlords, meanwhile, are great candidates for the artefacts of the realms. With a 4+ save, re-rolls to their saving throws from their enchanted shield, and 14 wounds, these guys are pretty durable but vulnerable to foes with a high Rend characteristic. By taking the Ethereal Amulet, a relic of Shyish, youll be able to ward your Dragonlord from harm with ease.
For list-building, the Dragonlord Host a warscroll battalion that gives the units within a free move and charge once per game has seen a considerable points cut. If youre looking to use a pure Order Draconis army, or youre looking for a fun option for a mixed Order army, its well worth a look.”

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  1. Пётр Некряченко says:

    Сергей, это общие эльфы чуть ли не с фб, а армия тут не одна, а штук 6-7.

  2. Евгений Лутченко says:

    как з…. этот спам по Аосу)

  3. Василий Борозин says:

    УРА!!! Наконец-то… Я столько лет ждал, пока они наконец издадут правила для моих любимых почтальонов! Теперь у меня есть 16ый мув и лорд-целестант больше не будет меня бить, ведь теперь я буду вовремя доставлять ему свежую мурзилку!!! Эх, хорошо, что я вступил во флот Короля-Феникса!!!

  4. Миша Терпелец says:

    Спасибо, ГВ, что вудов не поменяли. А то я боялся что что-нибудь могли испортить.

  5. Сергей Пахомов says:

    Интересненько. Армию эту конечно брать не буду, но с радостью посмотрю будущий модельный ряд. Очень интригует. Особенно батя Леголаса

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